Herrings under vegetable coating            290

/herrings, potatoes, beet, spring onion,

mayonnaise, eggs,  greens, olives, lettuce/

Salad “Feel yourself at home”                 290

/tomatoes, cucumbers, radish, onion, sour cream,

egg, greens, lettuce/

Salad “Ukraine”                                        360

/chicken fillet, vegetables, mayonnaise, greens/

Salad “Vinnitsky”  with beef tongue        390

/cucumber, cabbage, egg, boiled tongue, greens/            

Salad «Gallsky”                                         360

/boiled tongue, cheese “Gauda”, egg, tomatoes,

greens, mayonnaise/

“Zaporozhye” salad                                  460

/fried eggplants, veal, pomegranate, walnut,

cinnamon, mayonnaise, greens/


                             C O L D      S N A C K S

Boiled tongue with greens                        330

and horseradish                                       

Chef salted salmon with greens               380

Baked cold pork with greens

and horseradish                                        340

 Garlic pickled/fresh                                  80

Lightly salted cucumbers                        90

Homemade pickled tomatoes                  90

Green and black olives                             80

Salad cabbage                                          110

Snack “Polesye”                                        340

/tomatoes, cucumbers, hot pepper, radish, greens/

Allsorts greens                                          300

/kinza, dill, parsley, basil, spring onion, brynza/

Red caviar on the toast                             450

/red caviar, butter, toast, greens/

Salted-marinated  mushrooms with              

sour cream                                                 550

/salted mushrooms, sour cream, greens/

Lard (assortsment with homemade sausage and garlic)            380

H O T    S N A С K S                                                      

Vegetables grill                                         280

/carrots, paprika, onion, leek, champignons, olive oil/

Fried eggplants with tomatoes

and cheese sauce                                     400

/eggplants, tomatoes, cheese sauce, greens/

Golubtsy  with sauce                                410

/rissole rolled in cabbage leaves/

/golubtsy with meat and rice, tomato sauce, greens/

Deruny with mushrooms,          

sour cream and greens                            370

/potato,  mushrooms, sour cream, greens, lemon/



Borsch “Poltavsky” with dumplings        340

/borsch, dumplings, chicken, sour cream, greens/

Soup with mushrooms  Ushka                290               

Fish soup “Donetsky”                              410

/salmon, pike-perch, potatoes, onion, tomatoes, greens/

Cabbage soup                                           400

/sauerkraut soup, cracklings, pork, sour cream, greens/

Borsch “Chernigovsky”                           350

/borsch, haricot bean, pork, sour cream, greens/

 Beef borsch “Odessky”                           380

/borsch, boiled beef, eggplants, mullets,

pepper, sour cream, greens/


H O T    C O U R S E S



Baked zucchini                                          150

Baked champignons                                180

/champignons, sauce “1000 islands”, lavash, greens/           

Pork steak “Vakula”                                    620

/pork neck, lavash, sauce “Kazachek”, greens/


Salmon steak “Uzhgorodsky”

with vegetables                                            750

/grilled salmon, stewed vegetables, “Idaho” potatoes,

“Tar-tar” sauce, lemon, olives, greens/

Home-made sausage “Pannish”                670

/ Home-made pork sausage, red cabbage,

mashed potatoes, sauce “Barbeque”, greens/

Home-made sausages                                 730

/ Home-made pork and veal  sausages, potatoes, sauce/

Shashlik “Krimskiy”                                    890

/beef, vegetables, sauce, lavash, greens/                            
Pike-perch fillet with vegetables                570

/pike-perch fillet, sweet pepper, broccoli,

carrot, sweet green peas, greens/

Salmon steak “Gitomirsky”                       720

/salmon, spinach, cram, white wine, champignons/


H O T   C O U R S E S

Cutlet “Kievskaya”                                     590

/chicken breast, butter, conserved peach, conserved pineapple,
sauce “Demi glasse”, green onion /

Roasted meat “Kievskoe” in pot               630

/pork, beef, mushrooms, onion, potatoes, carrot,

cream, eggplant, garlic, greens/

Farmers diner                                            560

/pork, mushrooms, cream, sweet pepper, greens/

Course “From Taras Shevchenko”           560

/chicken fillet, bacon, tomatoes, champignons, greens/

 “Princely” Beef                                         880

/beef fillet, bacon, sweet pepper, red vine,

chicory, sauce “Demiglasse”, greens/


                                               For a good company


Big fare from Kharkov                9600

/ homemade sausages, shashlik from mutton, pork and beef,

 kebab, marinaded chicken, mutton sausage on the spit,

pickled vegetables, greens, sauce, lavash/


                                                        G A R N I S H E S

Jacked potatoes                                     150

Baked potatoes in foil with lard             2550

/jacked potatoes, butter, lard, garlic, greens/

Mashed potatoes                                     160

Fries potatoes with mushrooms             250

Stuffed sauerkraut                                   150

Pan of fried potatoes                               280



/ C U R D   D U M P L I N G S/

Vartniki with cabbage                                 260

/dumplings, cabbage, butter, sour cream/

 Vareniki  with potatoes and mushrooms  370

/dumplings, potatoes, mushrooms, sour cream, greens/

Vareniki with cherries                                360

Vareniki with meat                                      490



Ice-cream with fruits                                  280

/ice-cream, kiwi, peach, syrup, cream/

Special cake “Shinok”                               340

/biscuit, pistachio, ice-cream, caramel sauce/

Bilberry pie with ice-cream                       300

Fruit plate /in season/                                900

1000 gr

/grape, pear, pineapples, melon, kiwi, tangerine,

apple, strawberry, carambola/

Cottage cheese balls                                           300        


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